Third Party Reviews

aZ643 | September 09, 2018 |

"Just destroyed my child’s hair"

Zachary L. | September 14, 2018 |

"I had Taylor as a stylist this morning and she did an incredible job. She paid attention to details and was great to talk with. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone looking for a good cut."

Mike Isleib | August 22, 2018 |

"Great service. Always loved my cuts here."

Buck R. | August 21, 2018 |

"Some weird reviews here, but I have to say, I've been going to this location for a year. Taylor and Bre are fantastic and give great cuts, are friendly and even remember me every time. I bring my sons in and they do a fantastic job there to. Don't let a few grumpy people ruin the place in Minot to get a cut. They are awesome. And they support the Tauros, you might catch some players there helping out during the hockey season too."

Emily B. | August 11, 2018 |

"Hi I'm Emily & I've been cutting hair on & off since 2002. I'm a Licensed Master Cosmetologist here at Sport Clips. All the ladies I work with do their jobs very well, come see us! So glad we have a place just for Men in Minot! I've also worked for Sport Clips in Wichita,KS & Albuquerque,NM. Get the MVP you'll love it, it's our Signature service & well worth it! Hope to see you there!"

Randi Petras | July 07, 2018 |

"My 7 year old son, Collin saw Tammy there today for his first visit to this store. She asked him want he wanted, we showed her pics of what he wanted. She took time to explain what they do there and after she talked to him she cleared it with me. She did the cut, took him back to sit in massage chair with a warm towel on his face while she washed his hair and massaged his scalp. He Loved This. You will have a return customer for sure!"

Robert Evans | July 06, 2018 |

"Even with an online check-in done at 12:30 pm (46 min wait, show time of 1:11 pm) and showing up 10 minutes prior to my "appointment", they were unable to get to me until 1:45. At which time I had to leave without a haircut because I had to go to work. Honestly not going to bother with getting a haircut here again unless I have an entire day dedicated to it, because I can't even trust them to take care of customers within 15-20 min of the time they tell you to be there. Why should I bother to be on time if they can't?"

Nick H. | July 02, 2018 |

"I wrote an honest review earlier, not sure why it isn't showing. I originally gave them 3 stars because I felt bad I tipped the lady who cut my hair $10. After thinking about it for a couple days I realized that she knew what she was doing. Not calling her out by name because we all make mistakes. Just treat everyone good and you have nothing to worry about. I am pretty bummed about my haircut.... I need to not be so nice and tip well all the time. I think, she thought I was lying about my first visit looking back. It truly was. Pros first... she was friendly, they gave me an upgraded service for my first time. Fade was good. Steamed towel and shampoo to get the cut hairs out was good. Cons.... she cut my cowlick off. I have a bad rooster tail like alph alpha in little rascals. I ask for a low to mid skin fade. She gave me a mid fade and went too high on the sides and back. Didn't go to skin. Said it was against the law in ND which isn't true. She had a buzzer that would do it but nope. Also, the "MVP" isn't worth $4."

Nick Hess | June 30, 2018 |

"My friends always told me to go to sports clips. She chopped my cowlick and she knows it. Didn’t want to show me the back of my hair. I will grow out again. I gave it three stars because I was upgraded for a free hot towel and shampoo for my first visit. Plus she seemed like a good person. Does a good fade too. I am not the complaining type so I paid full price. My girlfriend cuts hair and I hear how people are to her sometimes, so I tipped 10$ too. MVP upgrade gets you a facial hot towel and shampoo. The massage is weak. I love extra services and buy product from the right service provider. However the MVP isn’t worth $5. If the massage and facial was better I would consider it. Not sure if I will go back or not. Pretty bummed about my cowlick. Friendly barber and knows the products well. Hope this helps."

Tiffany Taylor Carreiro | June 16, 2018 |

"I took my brother in to get his hair cute after seeing a review online . We loved it! Amanda was amazing�"